Webb City School District // 5 FEMA Safe Rooms

The Client
Webb City School District
Project Type
PreK-12, Tornado Safe Rooms
Webb City, MO

Paragon Architecture assisted the Webb City School District with the design and project management of five FEMA safe rooms.  The Junior High School tornado safe room functions as a library during the day, while those at other locations include a band practice area, and three gymnasiums.  The shelters all provide the ability to safely protect the children and the surrounding community from potential disastrous storms. Webb City School District’s focus in this endeavor is for the safety of their students, faculty, and staff and has been even before the Joplin tornado of May 2011.  After that storm, the district and the community have a heightened awareness for the need of Safe Rooms. In the event of severe weather, the students have a storm shelter and additionally a functional space that’s utilized every day.


Webster Primary School FEMA Safe Room // 7,100 SF

Harry & Bess Truman Primary Center FEMA Safe Room // 6,500 SF

Madge T. James Kindergarten FEMA Safe Room // 10,800 SF

Middle School FEMA Safe Room // 7,400 SF

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