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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Purchasing and renovating a property is not something we are experienced with but having Paragon take the lead a project manager has helped alleviate stress and make the overall process positive… I love working with your team…”

Janet Dankert, Community Partnership of the Ozarks

Community Partnership of the Ozarks

“We asked Paragon to deliver on a challenging and unusual project to satisfy an important tenant with high expectations. You (Paragon Architecture) deliver above my expectations and I will continue to recommend Paragon in the future. Thanks!”

Brian Weiler, Springfield Branson Airport

Springfield Branson Airport

“The firm (Paragon Architecture) is an exceptional firm and I have truly enjoyed working with many members of the firm that I have had the pleasure to work with”

Bob Harrington, MSSU Physical Plant Director

Missouri Southern State University

“It was the expertise and knowledge of Brad and his team that guided our School District through the grant process, the submittal, the awarding of the grant, the design phase, and then the construction phase with the result being a wonderful community safe room which has enhanced our school facility. I have absolutely no doubt that without Brad and Paragon that the Diamond School System would not have been able to secure the FEMA funds and our project would have fizzled. Working with Paragon for three years now, I can say without hesitation that they have a quality organization and they are staffed with some highly talented individuals. I believe that the team at Paragon would be a tremendous asset to any School or Institution that was about to embark on a building project.”

Eddie Jones


“The work Paragon has performed for Crowder College over the years has been excellent and refreshing. I would put the design and construction coordination of the Paragon team up against any firm. However, it is the intangibles that set Paragon apart. Having worked with several architects over the years, it was such a blessing to make acquaintance with Brad and his team. Paragon puts in the time and effort to meet with multiple people to determine what needs to be solved; not just what can they build. It is his personal touch, desire to accomplish the best solution, and personal investment in our college that separates them from others with whom I have worked.”

Jim Cummins – EdD, CPA, Former VP of Finance at Crowder College


“Completion of Fire Station #2 in Joplin occurred ahead of schedule and under budget. I directly attribute this to the professional manner which both Jessica Struckhoff and Brad Erwin displayed during the construction process. This station stands as a model for future construction and design of our continued recovery from the 2011 tornado.”

Mitchell D. Randles, Former Fire Chief – Joplin, MO


“We have worked with Paragon Architecture and are very pleased with our relationship. The staff of Paragon have been professional, creative and conscious with our needs and fiscal options. The quality of work and communication is exceptional. We have been very impressed with their ability to meet our scheduled goals and project targets.”

Richard L. Asbill


Our project was not perfect .  As expected, there were issues to resolve.  However, several years later, Brad Erwin still calls to check on things, and that’s unheard of in my experience.  As one of its first clients, I am happy to recommend Paragon Architecture.


Tom Houston


I can’t think of a professional service provider we have been more pleased with in my 24 years at Crowder. Paragon Architecture will be the most creative AND practical group you can envision and they will hit all timelines and budget markers routinely and accurately. I can’t think of anyone I could recommend more highly than Paragon Architecture.

Dr. Alan Marble, Former President at Crowder College