Valley Park School District // Master Planning

The Client
Valley Park School District
Project Type
Master Planning, PreK-12
Valley Park, MO

The Valley Park School District Master Plan is a pre-bond master planning project for a local St. Louis school district located within a singular centralized campus in the city’s southwest suburbs.  The project began work in the Spring of 2022 with an initial site walk through and survey, and will continue development throughout the fall and winter of 2022.  The goal of the project is to work with the facility director and school administration to develop a select list of future projects which can be presented as a no tax increase bond package vote in April of 2023.  Services provided within this project include a detailed facility assessment of each building, as well as surveys of the district’s current space utilization and site circulation of pick up and drop off protocols conducted across the campus.  The initial space utilization and site circulation surveys were conducted throughout the month of May and have since been utilized to develop preliminary documentation and a prioritized list of possible future projects for the entire campus.  An in-depth facility assessment survey will allow us to analyze the interior and exterior conditions of each of the campus’ buildings, and provide recommendations to the district for future improvement projects.  This analysis will eventually be introduced alongside our existing space utilization and circulation studies, as well as a future demographics survey which we will be conducting in a partnership with Preston Smith, who will assist us in illustrating the possible spatial needs that the district will face in the next 3-5 years.

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