Willard Public Schools // 2022 Bond Projects

The Client
Willard Public Schools
Project Type
Willard, MO

The District campaigned on “Safety, Security and Expansion” for projects within the 2022 Willard Bond Issue. To accomplish the first critical success factor of safety, storm shelters are being added to as many locations as possible across the District while meeting other project needs (increasing count from one of nine to four of nine District facilities with a safe room). Tornado safe rooms are slated to be added to Willard Central Elementary, Willard South Elementary, and Willard High School. Many of the original buildings were constructed in the 1960s when security was not a major concern. Currently, several of the schools have entries set up where visitors and guests enter right into a main corridor rather than entering into a controlled space. Several secure entries will be added to existing schools to accomplish the second critical success factor of security. The District plans to provide expanded security by providing secure entries and expanded administrative areas at four of the five project bond sites. This will make all of the District’s facilities equitable. Finally, the District plans to increase equitability and expand each of the five projects sites to improve and expand learning spaces, such as classrooms and learning parks, and support spaces such as counseling, administration and social work, behavioral and learning support, gymnasiums, cafeterias and kitchens, after-school care, and music. Additional updates include new accessible and upgraded restrooms and improvements and upgrades to roofing and HVAC systems.