Paragon Architecture hosts ACE Mentor Program Visit

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

ACE Mentor Program of the Ozarks
Phase II: Introduction to Architecture
Paragon Architecture Office Tour

As a part of the ACE Mentor Program of the Ozarks, Paragon Architecture provides high school students with the opportunity to see the inner workings of each type of firm/office that falls within the category of A (Architecture) C (Construction) or E (Engineering). Our own, Kirsten Whitehead, volunteered our office as one of the two tours the students and mentors would attend. Within the tour, we provided breakout sessions to introduce the students to daily activities that occur within our office, review of completed projects, and introduced them to different types of career paths within our industry. We closed the night out with a sketching exercise that was intertwined with a LEGO exercise.

Kirsten is a great advocate for this program and serves on the ACE Mentor Program of the Ozarks Board of Directors. She is instrumental in forming the young minds of tomorrow. We are extremely proud of the work she does.