Ridgehouse at Statesville // Charlotte, NC

The Client
Uptown Architectural Engineering
Project Type
Multi-Family Residential
Charlotte, North Carolina

The Ridgehouse at Statesville development will include the construction of four new multi-family residential structures on a greenfield building site in Charlotte, North Carolina. The new multi-family residential facilities will include 334 units made up of studio apartments, and single, double, and triple bedroom apartments, bringing the total number of beds/tenants to 527.


The project is a design-build developer-led project. Paragon Architecture was hired by the architectural-engineer Uptown Architectural Engineering who was in turn hired by the developer. The developer purchased the property with an already established and approved development plan, and after the original architectural partner encountered health issues that caused them to need to back out of the project entirely, Uptown Architectural Engineering and Paragon Architecture partnered to complete the project. Atypically, the design-build team jumped into the project for documentation after the schematic design and design development phases were completed.


Paragon and Uptown AE had a relationship before this project opportunity, but we have been pleased to work together on such a large-scale multi-family housing development outside of the Midwest, and can only assume this will be the first of many more projects that we partner together on.

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