Mothers Brewing Company // Outdoor Patio Expansion & Renovations

The Client
Mother's Brewing Company
Project Type
Springfield, MO

This project initially started as a temporary expanded tasting room to offset COVID occupancy restrictions.  The Mother’s Brewing Company then wanted the temporary tasting room to become permanent to allow for more occupancy during colder months.  They also decided to have a permanent canopy structure that would replace the more temporary patio tent.  Both additions of permanent seating required additional restrooms, per local building regulations.  Paragon helped Mother’s locate five private unisex stalls and three shared lavatories along the back side of the existing men’s and women’s restrooms.  A pre-engineered metal building canopy was installed outside for the new shade structure, and the concrete patio area was extended by five feet for additional seating.  The outdoor canopy was outfitted with bistro lights, large fans, and power outlets.  A permanent band platform was situated at the north end of the yard, so the need for temporary platforms during festivals and events could also be eliminated.  A stage canopy and stage electrical service are in the works for future improvements.

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